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Kenny Ginsburg

Philadelphia, PA

"As a runner living on the East Coast, I have found Gaynor Train coaching to be a wonderful experience.  The weekly check-ins are great as we use it to discuss my progress on the plan, adjust it as needed, and discuss training and racing tips.  Gaynor Train does a great job using video for tutorials for items like post-run stretching and warm up drills.  I ran my fastest marathon in 7 years last fall and it's thanks to the wonderful coaching of Evan and Gaynor Train!"

Alex Culler

"(Gaynor Train is) my first running coach I've had since high school cross country and I feel like I lucked out! I'm sure the best is yet to come!"

-10 minute PR; 2:49 to 2:39 at Boston.


Debbie Schmidt

Sylvania, OH

"Gaynor Train has made me a believer. Twenty-two days shy of 65, I PRd at the London Marathon! Ended up with an invite to the Worlds in Chicago 2023. Thank You Evan!

-3:49 to 3:42 at London

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